The best brand of smart door lock

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Smart door locks are the entry-level of smart homes. Even if there are no other smart homes such as dishwashers and sweeping robots, best electronic lock can be regarded as the most widely accepted smart home. But how should smart door locks be selected? What are the guarantees for safety?

In fact, when we talk about smart door locks, we mainly refer to smart fingerprint locks. Most people worry about whether the smart fingerprint lock will have the chip damaged and cannot open the door. In fact, there is no need to worry.

The traditional key lock is a mechanical lock core, which is opened by rotating the key. The smart fingerprint lock is also a mechanical lock cylinder, but it adds a chip control panel, integrated key, fingerprint, password, temporary password, mobile phone Bluetooth, card, a total of 7 unlocking methods, so there is no need to worry about opening the door.

Even if the chip is damaged, the lock can be unlocked normally. The key on the outside of the door and the knob on the inside of the door are opened by mechanical rotation, which is the same as the traditional lock.

The safety consideration is the lock cylinder. The best smart code lock is the in-line C-level lock cylinder. Both traditional locks and fingerprint locks are available, so they are the safest.

Based on the above points, several smart door locks recommended are:

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